Friday, January 4, 2013

I have truly neglected my blog! Looking at one of my bestfriend's blog msmadeulook, I remember the good times I had with my blog, and it needs some love. I blame My Pinterest; it is a wonderful new pastime for me. I love pictures, and being inspired by pictures, whoever thought of Pinterest had the same idea.

Anyway, I will be back, just you wait and see.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Girl Lisa's Hair Journey...


How many times have you experienced moments like this?

You know we all have them - hair journeys, whether is was a crazy dye job, a bad hair cut, a process (jeri curl), a bad perm, I believe we've all put our hair through some stuff. If there is a small minority out there that had taken good care of there hair, and never had in real issues, major props to you, and this post is not for you. Kidding, I was kind of hatin', this post is for you too, it will help know what NOT to when you are contemplating a change in your life - in this case, it's the hair.

I have taken my fellow readers on a short journey of my hair in this post A Natural HairStory - Bek! An inspiration.  , but we haven't even reached the middle of the forest on that trip. I am discovering a way I can take you on a full journey, and again it's inspired by my gurl Lisa. Check out her journey...oh, and she requested yours truly to provide a song in the background. Hee hee, too cool!

Enjoy the video, I did very much. Can't wait to create my own!

What is your hair journey? Do share! Or provide me a link to hair you have posted your hair journey. We glean from what we can relate to...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MUSIC! - Anita Baker Tribute: Dionne Farris and Goapele

I know this is a random thing I'm doin' but I must finish what I started. I wanted to write a complete review on the Anita Baker Tribute at the Soul Train awards, and I will. Yes, it has been WEEKS since I've given some love to my blog, been dealin' with stuff, no worries, I'm okay...anyway, I'm back now, and I want to complete my self-task - writing about the Anita Tribute.


Goapele was a nice start to the song "Same Ole Song" with her beautiful happy smiling self. She made the song shine. I loved her colorful dress too! Also, I have to give mad props to the braided hair. Rockin' a beautiful ethnic look for Anita. As you already know or might have figured out, I loved this tribute from beginning to end ("365 days of the year..." lol, couldn't resist), Goapele and Dionne was a nice finishing touch to the whole thing to remember.

Now, Goapele was cool and all, but I HAVE TO SAY...

DIONNE FARRIS  - she ROCKS! Ya know, I still have her 90's single "I Know", sitting on my CD shelf. This woman has some PIPES on her. I've always been a fan of soulful ability to make me feel what she is singing. The song "Hopeless" is icing on a cake. This makes her rightful choice to take part in singing a tribute song to Anita. She sang the finale part of "Same Ole Love", and she blew it out the water!I couldn't find the actual video contain only the footage of Dionne and Goapele's performance, BUT I found some exclusive footage from video blog about Dionne's musical journey up until the moment. I enjoyed it very's something I would do myself. Video tape every waking step of the privilege opportunity.


Now, pheeeew! I am finally DONE with the Anita Tribute! On to writing about other exciting things in my life that I enjoy and admire. Thanks for bearing with me. I will try not to drag on about something like that ever again. I won't promise. I never make a promise I can't keep.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MUSIC! Anita Baker Tribute - Lalah Hathaway

Natural Beauty LALAH HATHAWAY has a voice like BUTTA (I'm listening to her live stream on her site right now...loving it). I've seen her in concert and her live voice can put you into another place. She amazes me how she knows her range so well. She never strains, and she never over does it when she sings. She's just right. She's a beautiful natural woman that has inherited some serious vocals from her musical genius papa Donny Hathaway. When I hear her sing, I hear Donny. I hear his vocal style in her,  To me her  rendition of Anita song "Angel" was the best I've ever heard. 

She totally rocks! She's nice too. She answers your tweets and email.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Facial Features – She reminds me of…

One of my favorite beauty bloggers Natural Belle posted some beautiful pictures of this model Gwen Lu. While I was admiring the fantasy make-up and the Asian beauty's awesomely styled fro, I couldn't help to notice how much her features remind me of someone I watched on TV - one is a reality star and model, and the other is animated.

Now, tell me what you think? You may agree? You may think I’m crazy. LOL.

Model  Gwen Lu
Source: Natural Belle's Blog. Photo via Design Scene Photography by Jeff Tse.

Jade Cole (ANTM Cycle 6 Finalist).
 Junko Saotome - From the anime series Nana

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deco Mirror Giveaway!!! I want it...

I love Japanese fashion, trinketts, music, food, and anime. I want that mirror. But I'm nice enough to share the opportunity for you to win it too.

Quirky Fashion - My Wish List Items

Lucite Lovely

A summersoul loves to rock their own style. Quirky fashion is so cool cuz its clothing that looks like art and make a statement, but I like it to make a subtle statement. Some people can go overboard with it, and they end up looking like crazy lookin' cartoon character or look like they are trying to hard to be fashionable. I like quirky fashion that doesn't look too costumey.
Browsing the net I spotted a few colorful pieces I would like to add to my closet. 

I love the floral print lining in the hood.

 Source: Trend Hunter Fashion - Quirky Shoes For Eccentric People via Irregular Choice Store

Source: I'm not tellin' cuz I wanna buy these.

I love the colors!
Source: The Quirky Stylista's Blog  photo via