Thursday, October 28, 2010

Risha's Haircoctions for the Naturals

I like to create my own recipes in my bathroom for my natural hair. I've been a naturalcurlie for almost a decade now, and I think now I know a few little tricks of the trade - the answers: to me, there ARE no tricks of the trade, just trial and error and process of elimination. LOL! I wish I logged the different things I've tried to maintain my curls - I would have a book.

Anyway, lets start: I like to use natural gels to maintain a fresh look full of shine and vitality. Every so often I cheat and buy a gel product like "Smooth and Shine", or "IC" gel product to get the look I want, but when I can tell my hair has had a enough (trust me, after a while you'll know when ur hair is tryin' to tell ya sumptin'), I go to hit up the Vitamin Shoppe in Pinole, and pick up some natural products for my hair or new hair experiments. A few days ago I picked up a little bottle of Aloe Vera gel: This is a good one; go get it today while it's on sale!

I used my empty Smooth n Shine Gel Container, and poured the whole bottle of Aloe Vera gel into it. smells so good. I love smells of freshness.

Why Aloe vera gel? Because there are no harsh ingredients in it, and while it's normally used for moisturizing and refreshing the skin, it can do the very same thing for our dry hair that is thirsting for some moisture (which is the problem I'm currently dealing with), it contains 99.5% certified organic aloe vera gel, carbomer 940 (which is used to make water-based, non-alcoholic gels), and essential vitamins A, C, and E. While gel products like "smooth n shine" are less harsh than the average holding gel and contains some aloe vera, I still don't trust them all the way, then I have to move onto a concoction - don't ask me why; my hair just knows...

The next ingredient I add to the haircoction is Liquid Glycerin, which is nornally used to make lotions, soaps and other moisturizing products for our bodies. You can also buy this product at any local health or vitamins store. One of my best friends was kind enough to give me a half of bottle of hers. Our maintenance man is working in our bathroom now, so I can't get the bottle to post, however I'm sure you can find a decent bottle somewhere. I can post it later if you like...let me know. Anyway, I poured about 3 tbsps of the liquid into the gel container - more or less.

Next product is (oh I forgot to mention, this concoction is a little greasy, but after 1-3 days, your curls will be soft to the touch, and healthy looking; you don't have to put this product in your hair everyday, gauge your own desired amount, it won't hurt it if you use too much) okay yeah, so Castor Oil is the next ingredient. Despite the weird smell, I really like this oil for my hair because I have tights coils that gets dry very often. This oil is very thick and sticks very well! I use this oil for other haircoctions I make - stay tuned, I will share. I also bought this product at the Vitamin Shoppe. It's a nice size bottle, and you don't have use too much. For more information, click on the link below. Into the gel container, I poured about 1/4 of a cup - more or less, then a stirring I go. OH! This is optional, but HIGHLY recommended for pure satisfactional purposes. Every woman (well most I know) want hair that smells good.

It won't hurt to add a few drops of your favorite fragrant oil to the concoction for a nice smell. That Castor oil doesn't smell pretty, and it can dominate the whole concoction's scent, so go to your local flea market or beauty supply and get you a bottle of your favorite fragrant oil. Careful, use sparingly.

Put a couple generous dabs of the homemade moisturizer thruout the hair from root to ends and BADA BOOM BADA BING!!! Its a little greasy, but my hair loves it - especiallly after 3 or 4 days. What I love the most - NO FLAKINESS! I only use it once or twice a week, and after a few days, my hair is happy until it it's time to wash it again.

Do you have any recipes or hair tips you would like to share?


Abbie said...

Lovely hair! And good ideas!

RishaBelle said...

Thank you. Hope it helps someone...