Friday, November 19, 2010

Natural Belle: Alicia Keys for Italian vogue

I had to snag this from Natural Belle's blog. Everyone close to me know that I love Alicia Keys, so when I saw this post, I had to blog about it. I'm jealous I didn't see it first. She looks so beautiful in these pics. Being that Alicia is part Italian, it's so fitting to see her posing for Italian Vogue and it also rocks that Italian Vogue LOVEs black women (i.e. the Tocarra spread a couple years ago) and their curves.

Natural Belle: Alicia Keys for Italian vogue

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIC FROM THE SPREAD. Isn't it beautiful, and you can really see the italian features. The deep eyes - the color and shape, the definitive cheekbones, lustious lips, mixed with beautiful black girl features - a lovely mix I must say. What do you think of this spread?


Sew Inspired said...

Nice post. The blog is lookin good. (;

RishaBelle said...

Thanks, I really appreciate that.