Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts - Aspirations, Fashion, and JPop.

  • I'm a singer/songwriter who wishes to be a professional piano player so I can compose my own musical arrangements, but my attention span hinders that. However, I can write great lyrics, so I was told. I just keep my focus there...stick with what I know.

  • Right now, I'm working on getting my weight down so I can feel healthy and a little more comfortable in my skin. Then I can really treat myself to some new quirky threads. I'm diggin' mod style at the moment - time to create some closet space to make room for some new threads. Gotta find the time to get rid of the old fits... check this snazzy number. Wish I can afford it. It's 119 dollars at
Diner Jukebox Dress

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song called by Suneohair called the Waltz.  It's the closing song for the anime series call Honey and Clover (just finished watching episode 24)So yeah, the song is in Japanese. I wish I can speak the language so I can sing along instead of making up my own pronounciations/words. The english translation for the song is very beautiful.  The video is super cheesy, but the lyrics are great. Watch it here:
So that's all the random stuff I have to share for today...'til next! What are your random thoughts? I know you have them.

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