Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Natural HairStory - Bek! An inspiration.

Not to my surprise, my girl Bek, has been featured a lot on blogsites all over the net.

Why? Because she has style, beauty inside and out, talent, and her hair is GORGEOUS!

Let me tell you a story:

I was transitioning when I met her, then we lost touch; coincidentially I revolted back to perms around that time. We found each other again, and have been inseparable friends ever since.  Kinda ironically around that time, I began transitioning again, and have been naturally curly ever since. 

My transitioning cover up techniques consisted of  Head Wraps, braids, and clip on ponytails. From innerlocs,  down to pulling it back into a ponytail or a ball with loads of prostyle or IC gel globbed onto my head to hold it down and keep it smooth (click on images for larger view).

Enough was enough, I finally decided to chopped off all the chemically tainted hair and had it styled into a cute bobcut. 
No more chemicals- just presses, and protective styling for me. I felt so FREE and lovely! Especially when I washed it, every wave and curl put a smile on my face. I say to myself "is that my hair? It's so pretty!"                                     

Okay, now back to Bek... we reunited in 2004 when I was rockin' the bobcut. One day after I washed my hair, Bek gave me so praise for rockin' my hair natural, but my hair was still a little confined by my insecurities.

Bek inspired me to be completely "Free". "Let them curls go free, girl!" She would say. So I did it. With the right products, I went free. I mean full fledge curls all exposed with nothing to hold onto or hide under like a ponytail holder or hairband.  That was when I finally, SAW not just saw, SAW the beautiful coils covering my hold head. I embraced them, "hello curls"!
So there you have it - The hairstory of Bek and me.  She is so awesome I had to write about her - a true beauty, a true friend, and - an INSPIRATION.  Do you have a friend like that?

Check her out on the web at  She and her sisters run a FANTABULOUS online store. Check that out too!


Sew Inspired said...

WOW! Thanx RISH! That was really sweet. : )

ABIGAIL NY said...

Loving the hair!

RishaBelle said...

Thank you, it's a never-ending!

RishaBelle said...

Bek, everything I said is true! :)You rock!