Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Renowned Artist: Rene Dickerson

I love a creative mind. This is my first post on gallery art. It's fitting for me to write a piece on someone I know. My husband personally knows this soulful artist really well. He used to be a long time resident of  the SF Bay Area - Oakland, to be exact. I hope I get to do a detail feature on Rene in the future - interview and all. Wish he didn't live so far away now, I could see my husband and I hanging out with him and his family if he still lived here.

One of his pieces is hanging on my inlaws' dining room wall, I love to stare at it - the colors are so vivid and captivating.  Looks similar to this piece, but it definitely has it own uniqueness.

Are there any artists in your town or perhaps in your life that put you awe? Are you an artist? What inspires you?

For more infomation on this artist, and to see more art pieces by Rene, please click here

A small tidbit on Rene: He's painted cover art for the TEMPTATIONS, and big names like Oprah, Berry Gordy and Smoky Robinson have pieces of his art added to their personal art collection. Sahweet!


Dee O. said...

Great post! Rene Dickerson's artwork is absolutely amazing, I always love soulful pieces such as these :) And I would be more than happy to tell you about the media player! Just email me and I'll send you the link and tell you how to set it up :)


RishaBelle said...

Thanks Dee! I'm glad you like the same kind of art as I do. And thank you so much emailing the tips for the media player! Now I can post my favorite JPop songs! Hehehhe.