Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair, Hair, HAIR!!!

HI THERE! I posted my first piece on hair in November - SummerSoul: Risha's Haircoctions for the Naturals). Since natural haircare is something I have a strong interest in, I know that isn't going to be only post on the subject. Natural hair is part of an essence of a woman's beauty I know most about, so I will post about it a lot. Hee hee.

Please note my hair care post isn't just for the black female audience. As many women already know, natural haircare knowledge applies to women of all races. I have been approach by not only black women - latina women with super curly hair, caucasian mothers w/ mixed daughters, indian women and even MEN ...and they all want to know the same thing - how do I maintain my hair?

For many years, I have been asked about my hair, and how I take of it. Since my haircare has always been a hairjourney full of trial and error, it's always been difficult to explain in brief what I do for my hair or what I have done in the past. Really, it could be 5 hour discussion. LOL!

Thank goodness for the blog world, now I can post all my haircare trials and process on a page, and tell ladies, "hey. go to my blog rishabelle-summersoul.blogspot.com and you can read all about it in your spare time."

I hope this page will not only help with your haircare process, but also inspire. I know I have been truly inspired by all the blogs I have been stumbling upon. I hope I can do the same.

Is there anything you would like to see on this page? Please share...thank you!



Anonymous said...

what a pretty picture. You rock!


RishaBelle said...

Thank you very much!