Saturday, January 29, 2011

MUSIC! (Continues...and it doesn't stop) Artist Spotlight: MS. ANITA BAKER

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Sorry about the dead air... It has been a couple of weeks full of a whirlwind of events, social activities, and MOODS! Moods -yeah, some days are like a rollercoaster movin' around in my head, and I get that old writer's block.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I told myself that I was going to devote a whole week to music. Well I got a little distracted these past several days and, didn't get to write on this topic as much as I wanted to, so I'm extending my writing-devotion to music another week or two.

While I was away from my home of blogging, I spent several days hanging and chillin' with close friends - a cocktail party, a spontaneous Napa visit, a potluck get-together, and just some plain ol' hangin' out. I love my friends because one of the main things we all have in common is the deep love of good music for the soul.

On one of those chillin' nights, we watched a DVR recording of the 2010 Soul Train awards, and our favorite part was the tribute to Anita Baker (love her); click on the play button below  to enjoy for the first time or relive the memory of a night of good music:

The tribute & my love for Anita Baker's music: 
I loved the Soul Train tribute from the beginning to the end. Anita is a legendary soulstress I grew up listening to and I put her songs on repeat all the time. I listen to her when I am cleaning, when I'm cookin', when I'm driving, or when I need a nice day of R&R.  Her sultry voice, and smooth music, that soulful jazzy sound always make me smile.

I have many good Anita memories/moments. When I was a teenager, I sang her songs every chance I could get - at her concert, in a recording booth at Pier 39, in my apartment,  at a karaoke bar, at school. I owned the karaoke cassette of her songs.  I got intense vocal training from one of my talent bestfriends just so I can sing her songs.

Another great back-in-the-day Anita  moment for me was when I was in my late 20's, I was dating my boo (who is now my husband), it was our 2 year anniversary. As part a special gift for him. I called up a local radio station, and dedicated "You're my Everything" by Anita Baker to him, and the DJ announced it on the radio. 

Yes, Anita has some great radio-friendly songs. She is all that! Don't you agree?

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