Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MUSIC! - My Independent Artist Spotlight: VenueConnection

I just started my blog a few months ago, and I've been researching ideas on how to improve my blog. I feel it needs a little organization, so this week, I'm going to put a little more focus on one topic, and this week's topic is music

Well...I have lost a little focus because I keep stumbling upon these great blog pieces pertaining to natural hair, and being that I'm obsess about it, I keep posting about them. I was supposed to be in bed 2 hours ago...and I STILL haven't posted anything about MUSIC. Come on Risha! Focus child, focus!

OK. Before I hit the sheets, my first post this week on music will be about (oh, my eyes so heavy, I forgot what or who I wanted to write about...), it will be about an indie band. Since I'm planning on recording an Indie album this year, I feel it's appropriate to start this week's music posts to be about the independant or unsigned artist/band.

Naturally, I would find myself on an independant music site like CDbaby, Soundclick and Bandcamp to listen to an array of music you don't hear on the radio. I listen, get inspired, and GLEAN from these talented people doing their music thang in the basemant, attic, garage, or friend's homemade studio.

I have to give props to one of my favorite bloggers SoulReservoir for introducing me via his blogpost to this site AWESOME and DOPE site called; thanks to him I would have never stumbled upon a band called VenueConnection . This Spanish band's music takes me to another place. I said Spanish, but, they don't record "Spanish music", they are SOUL. There music is along the lines of neosoul, acidy jazz music - Jamiroquai meets Brand New Heavies. I'm a big fan of this type of music, so they are right up my alley, and I'm glad I found them.

GIVE A LISTEN, and let me know what you think!

If there's any indie artist you would like to introduce me to - I wanna hear about them! Broaden my horizons...hee hee!

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