Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We TAKIN' Over, lol! - NPR Radio Show Features Curl Advocacy

Now, I know probably a million bloggers have already posted about this woman and/or this NPR show; yeah I'm late, but oh it is again. I was on the website, and they posted a story about this news anchor Rochelle Ritchie who took the step to pitch a story about how "going natural" is sweeping the nation. She was on NPR radio with a representative of (side note: she's not a black woman, which reminds us that natural hair pertains to women of all races) to talk about how going natural or being naturally curly or having any other natural style is the thing to do these days, and how the politics of being natural is changing in a big way.  I enjoyed every minute of these stories. Mainly because it made me so proud to be me.

Before and After - WPTV reporter Rochelle Ritchie with relaxed hair on left and her Big Chop on the right.
Click on the links and get enlightened about how natural hair is being embraced by many or get pumped up for being a natural. If you've been natural for years like me, pat yourself on the back!

Read the great story here and see the follow up newstory here: NPR Radio Show Features Curl Advocacy

Listen to the cool NPR show below. VERY enlightening, refreshing. I found myself  nodding and saying "mmmm hmmm" ALOT! LOL!:


TwistedMarie said...

This is so true I have been hearing alot about her,and while watching tv am seeing less relaxer commercials!

RishaBelle said...

Great observation! Now that you've mentioned it, I've noticed that too! Not knocking women who prefer to wear their hair straight, but being is the way to go. It's not only a revolution, it's a health choice. Getting presses is way more healthier than getting it relaxed. Women shouldn't have to learn the hard way to find that out.