Sunday, February 13, 2011

Congratulations to a Natural Beauty - Esperanza Spalding!

For winning the Best New Artist Grammy Award tonight!

I'm a little late getting on the Esperanza train, but I'm glad I got on. She is a genuine talent, and deserves the Grammy win tonight. She's keeping authentic soul music alive, and I appreciate artists like her. Her voice reminds me of Amel Larieux. I love her voice and natural beauty too.

NeoSoul artists have a special place in my heart, so I definitely have to give major props to Esperanza. AND she rocks her naturalocity.  

I love her live performance here. And I LOVE her hair...

Esperanza, don't know if you ever see this post girl, but congrats to you! Keep on doin' yo' thang gurl, and keep rockin' those natural tresses of yours!

Esperanza's Wiki Bio

More sweet videos of Esperanza [here], [here], and [here]. Enjoy!!!

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Tinuke said...

Yes!!!!! Congrats to her!