Saturday, February 19, 2011

Facial Features – She reminds me of…

One of my favorite beauty bloggers Natural Belle posted some beautiful pictures of this model Gwen Lu. While I was admiring the fantasy make-up and the Asian beauty's awesomely styled fro, I couldn't help to notice how much her features remind me of someone I watched on TV - one is a reality star and model, and the other is animated.

Now, tell me what you think? You may agree? You may think I’m crazy. LOL.

Model  Gwen Lu
Source: Natural Belle's Blog. Photo via Design Scene Photography by Jeff Tse.

Jade Cole (ANTM Cycle 6 Finalist).
 Junko Saotome - From the anime series Nana


HitomiNeko said...

hihi ^^ so you do concerts? that’s very exciting! I do do Nail Decos. ^^ I think you can see it in my recent post~ also on my facebook page on the side. =) If you are interested let me know~ ^^

O n I love NANA too ^^ too bad I think it was never finished? ~~

xoxo hitomineko xoxo

RishaBelle said...

Yeah just intimate concerts mainly for family and friends. I haven't done one in a long time.

Yeah! My husband got me watching Nana not too long ago. It's a cool anime series. I LOVE the music on that anime. Rockin'!

If you can do Nail Decos on Stick-on/Press On nails, that would be soooo cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post!


Abbie said...

Lol, love that you found triplets!