Sunday, February 13, 2011

MUSIC!: Anita Baker Tribute - Rachelle Ferrell & Kem

 Yeah, still writing about the Anita tribute. I can't help it. It was one of best tributes to a singing living legend I've ever seen in a long time - full of impactful singers full of amaaaaaaaaaaazing talent. Like I said before in my previous post. I was most impressed how everyone who took part in this tribute had put their own take or style on Anita Baker's songs. To the singers out there - this goes to show, no matter what vocal range or genre you are in or have, whether alto, tener, or soprano, whether you're a Jazz, R&B, or NeoSoul artist you CAN sing an Anita song if you want to. These singers proved that...

Singing Anita used to be intimidating to me, but this versatile choice of singers showed me - posibility.  Which brings me to...

RACHELLE FARRELL and KEM, who are two vocal acrobatics I totally admire. I had the privilege to see Rachelle in concert and the things she can do to her voice keeps me speechless. Some may consider her a little strange (facial expressions), BUT she woman knows her vocal instument, and she makes singing look so effortless! Kem is our modern Al Jarreau. Some people call him a copycat (people are so mean), some people call him a vocal genius. He is another artist who holds his own, and know his vocal instument well.  His jazz dynamics are amazing. How he can go high and low, and it is so smooth. I really dig his skills.

That is why I find it so appropriate for these two artists to be meshed together to perform sensational vocal of Been So Long by Anita Baker. They were so good, I wish they sang the whole song.


I can't get enough of these singers' skills, I have to post more of their songs. Here are my favorites (enjoy!):



Great choices, don't you agree? What are your favorite Rachelle and Kem songs?

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