Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MUSIC! More On the Anita Baker Tribute - Chrisette Michelle


My most memorable Anita moment was when I was 16 and I sang Caught Up in the Rapture for Multi Cultural night at my high school. I was kind of an awkward, geeky wallflower althrough highschool, but that one night I felt like a confident, beautiful budding flower. Speaking of Caught up in the Rapture, wasn't Chrisette Michelle great at the 2010 Soul Train? Didn't you love the way she sang that song for Anita? 

If you haven't seen it, go to my Saturday post [HERE] and watch the video, or go to and watch it there. She was first to perform in the tribute to Anita, and it was a good start of the talent-impacted medley. Her vocals  were so smooth, unrushed and jazzy - just lovely...

I really like Chrisette Michele. Her vocals are so raw and so natural, and she has an interesting vocal range. She's not afraid to try everything with her sound. I gather that from her in her first album. To me, it didn't have clear genre catagory you could put her in, but I like that! I like how she can go from Jazzy to R&B to Neosoul to Easy Listening to Contemporary to Hip Hop, and put it all in one album.

I hope she never loses that quality about her, and never fall into a mold.

This will always be one of my favorite songs. Her face in the video match her vocals in this song -  Nature and Beautiful.

Im a little in back the day mode here, but I really love this song too. I think this song and the video was very poetic.

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