Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MUSIC! Anita Baker Tribute - Lalah Hathaway

Natural Beauty LALAH HATHAWAY has a voice like BUTTA (I'm listening to her live stream on her site right now...loving it). I've seen her in concert and her live voice can put you into another place. She amazes me how she knows her range so well. She never strains, and she never over does it when she sings. She's just right. She's a beautiful natural woman that has inherited some serious vocals from her musical genius papa Donny Hathaway. When I hear her sing, I hear Donny. I hear his vocal style in her,  To me her  rendition of Anita song "Angel" was the best I've ever heard. 

She totally rocks! She's nice too. She answers your tweets and email.

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Dee O. said...

I love Lalah Hathaway's voice!! You are so right, it's just like butta!