Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Girl Lisa's Hair Journey...


How many times have you experienced moments like this?

You know we all have them - hair journeys, whether is was a crazy dye job, a bad hair cut, a process (jeri curl), a bad perm, I believe we've all put our hair through some stuff. If there is a small minority out there that had taken good care of there hair, and never had in real issues, major props to you, and this post is not for you. Kidding, I was kind of hatin', this post is for you too, it will help know what NOT to when you are contemplating a change in your life - in this case, it's the hair.

I have taken my fellow readers on a short journey of my hair in this post A Natural HairStory - Bek! An inspiration.  , but we haven't even reached the middle of the forest on that trip. I am discovering a way I can take you on a full journey, and again it's inspired by my gurl Lisa. Check out her journey...oh, and she requested yours truly to provide a song in the background. Hee hee, too cool!

Enjoy the video, I did very much. Can't wait to create my own!

What is your hair journey? Do share! Or provide me a link to hair you have posted your hair journey. We glean from what we can relate to...

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