Music by ME!

This page features demo songs mostly written by me.  All songs are mixed by DJ808 (my husband).  Most music is created and produced by other artists and musicians; all credit goes to those producers. These are raw recordings, so please be nice and don't expect perfection. :-)

Still, please feel free to give me your honest feedback, I would love to hear it. An indie album is in the works for me in the near future, and people will be able to purchase it. Your comments will help me make a great album!

Now that THAT's all said and done... 
sit back and vibe with me. Hope you enjoy the songs!!!

Celebrate was recorded in 2009.  It was written in 2007. It originally was supposed to be an easysounding jazz song. Well, we heard this jammin' beat by SmidiBeats ( or, and the words and vibe of the song fit well with the music. So, I decided to change the arrangement of my song to work with this beat, then gave birth to this fun song! However, I still plan to record the easysounding version, some time in the future. The beat we originally had for Celebrate is snappy and smooth...anyway, enjoy!

RishaBelle - Celebrate featuring Shana (Demo Recording only. Not for sale.) by Rishabelle


Long Live the Luv was recorded in 2009, and written in 2008. I haven't written a love song in a while, and wanted to write one. I heard this beat by Regi Myrix (, I immediately thought of long lasting love, like the love I have with my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time). Hee hee. I recorded this song with my good friend Derell, who is a power house singer with a lot soul. I was glad to have him on the song, it added a lot of flavor to it. Hope you like this song! It's one of my favorites.
Long Live the Luv featuring Derell (Demo Recording. Not for sale.) by Rishabelle

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